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Superfoods - Awaken Herbs


So, our family has always done our best with the resources and budget we have to eat well and thrive. Growing what we can, supporting local farmers, and choosing organic where our budget allowed for it. Are we perfect in that department? Nope. Is perfection the goal? Nope. We believe there’s no shame in doing what you can with the knowledge and resources you have. That’s really all we can do, right?

That said, as we learn, we grow. One of the biggest areas of growth for us this year has been learning to let go of the do every single thing on our own mentality. We’re a busy family; running multiple businesses, homeschooling, and farm-life mean that we don’t always have time for the DIY that we facilitate others to learn about (how’s that for ironic). I (Kris) will often make a batch of amazing medicinal gummies for the kids, or incorporate herbs and superfoods or supplements into our smoothies and other items. For a stretch of a few days, or maybe weeks. And then the busyness would set in and we’d go for months without doing those things. 

And I have to admit, I was that person who was like no. No to packaged foods and powders. I can make it myself. And then a friend shared that she was adding a healthy protein and fats kinda shake (not this one) into their life as a back-up because they are busy and her kids weren’t spending time on eating well. Huh. Yeah. We need to do what works for our families. And I was totally for that in her life. And if I am for her doing it, why would I judge it for my own life?

Our society has completely eroded the concept of community. Back when folks were practicing all of these DIY methods, we were living in community. Mothers, parents, had the support of many – it wasn’t a solo gig. And our family has always been dedicated re-building community, for supporting one another in this journey. And in releasing shame on how we nourish our families. And so, we’re ready to step into that for ourselves, too! So, even though at first glance it might seem mis-aligned for our fam to incorporate these superfoods into our lives, I can say that right now it feels so aligned. To support more regenerative farms that can make a dent at a larger scale, to support fair trade, to support other people on a similar journey, to support our bodies to thrive while we still work our butts off to grow healthy food and herbs, cultivate community through workshops and experiences, and reclaim lost skills – at the local level. I think there’s a place for these superfoods, and others – whatever works for each of us – in our life! Right now it feels like the support we need to nourish our larger goals and dreams.

And, like pretty much everything else we do, we invite you to join us!



If you want more info on these gut-restorative superfoods and herbs, reach out! We have a 25% off coupon code to share, and loads of resources for more info. The community around this company is amazing – farmers, regenerative/holistic practitioners, parents. Individuals and families doing such good work in the world, partly or totally fuelled and funded by these powerful goods!

To learn more about all of this, check out an online community that has been created around this company – and or, just email us or connect with Kris on IG @awakenherbs

We are SO not about pressure or sales, just conversation and connection. We’ve seen vibrancy and health impacts and awesome practices and are happy to share what we’ve learned. That’s it. 

If you’ve already been learning with us on IG and are ready to check out the 30-day gut health reset, you head right to the ULT and join us! If you’d like to enrol as a partner, head here. 


What are we hoping to address with these superfoods and probiotics?

  • cellular nutrition
  • simplicity
  • glyphosate reduction (only third party tested to remove glyphosate by 75% in 6 weeks)
  • energy and mental clarity
  • address our inflammation and pain
  • address our digestive issues
  • a core health baseline, upon which we can add locally grown goodness, fresh herbs, healthy fats, etc.
  • a community of support


What we love…

Carbon Footprint

We are 100% plastic free in 2022. We have designed and created our own 100% bamboo and hemp at home compostable packaging.We also have our own trucks that directly deliver our superfoods from farm to our facility for purity testing.

Mindful sourcing

Our main farm is in Utah and we have farmed with this family for 28 years! We source our remaining superfoods from other organic and private owned farms in the US to support regenerative agriculture.

100% organic

We are Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher. All products are tested for purity and potency.

No pesticides

The farms and orchards that grow our superfoods are Organic and follow no-till practices.

Vine Ripened

All of our superfoods are ripened on the vine, which means the maximum level of micronutrients.