Take Root Rise Up Herb Gathering


to the fields, forests & gardens of AWAKEN at Cityfolk Farm.


Each barefoot step

or moment of journeying through white clover into the gardens brings you a new sensory experience. The intoxicating aroma of Tulsi, and the buzzing of happy pollinators. The radiant suns that are calendula and arnica blossoms shine up at you. A waft of apple finds its way to your nose – that’s chamomile saying hello. These are just the first few steps into the Awaken herb gardens at Cityfolk Farm. There is so much more waiting for you here! At this oasis of fields and forests, a stone’s throw from Lake Winnipeg, on Treaty 1 land, we tend a large variety of farm-grown and wild roots, blossoms, leaves, and fruits.

  • “Deeply in love and in favour of all the intentional connectivity of your missions. It’s hard not to get emotional reading your content… what you’ve created is everything the world needs to heal and flourish. Thank you for your love and efforts in bringing this vision to life, and sharing it with us all. I can’t wait to bring my daughter to visit and connect with the Awaken space.” 

  • “I am mesmerized by your work and will continue to watch and learn until I can visit in person!”

  • “It all looks so spectacular and exciting! Can’t wait for summer for yet another reason!”

  • “I am so excited about this project! Im a landless herbalist and I would love to potentially source herbs for medicine from you guys!”

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