Workshop in the garden!

Kombucha & Kefir Brewing + Herb Harvest

Saturday, September 18

Workshop: 11am-12:30pm | Harvest: 1:30pm-3pm

Have you heard about the gut-healing benefits of kombucha and kefir? Have you been wanting to make your own? Join Ashley Pharazyn of My Quaint Traditions on Saturday, August 28th to learn the delicious and nutritious art of fermenting your own cultured kombucha and kefir. Also learn how to flavour your cultured beverages and infuse them with herbal goodness from right here on the herb farm.

2:15 pm: Arrive at Awaken (orient to washrooms, hand-washing, etc.)
2:30 pm: Workshop with My Quaint Traditions
4 pm-5 pm: Snack/Dinner break – bring your own picnic

5 pm: Herb Harvest with Awaken (up to 1.5 hours – head out whenever your harvest is done, or head to the labyrinth)
6:30 pm: Farewells!

– Workshop
– Opportunity to shop My Quaint Traditions goods, including kefir and kombucha starter kits
– A reservation for the Awaken medicinal herb u-pick taking place after the workshop – harvest herbs for your ferments!
– A visit to the forest prayer & meditation labyrinth
– Herbal iced tea & herbal water

Sliding Scale – Please take a few moments to read our Sliding Scale page.

We offer an honour-system based sliding scale for individuals in order to make potent, local herbs available to as many as possible. If you are experiencing economic hardship, the Rely pricing is available to you. If you identify as a person of colour, the Receive pricing is for you. For a more nuanced explanation, please visit our Sliding Scale page.

The booking system we use does not allow us to use a coupon code for a higher value – guess our economic system isn’t yet caught up to the idea of addressing systemic injustice and racism! So, you’ll need to use a coupon code to pay regular price, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Cultivate: $46 (+15%)
  • Sustain: $40 – Use promo code SUSTAIN at checkout. (Regular price)
  • Rely $34 – Use promo code RELY at checkout. (-15%)
  • Receive (reparations) $32 – Use promo code RECEIVE at checkout. (-20%)

HERBS: Any herbs you choose to harvest are sold separately, using the sliding scale level you choose for the workshop fee.


To bring
– Outdoor necessities – hat, water, etc.
– Notebook & pencil for notes during workshop
– Clippers for harvesting (we have some available if you don’t have any to bring)
– Baskets for harvesting
– Containers to bring home your herbs (paper bags, ziploc bags, cloth bags, etc.)
– Picnic blanket or lawn chair
– Picnic snack/dinner (peanut-free)



Ashley Pharazyn – Holistic Health Coach, gut health specialist, and founder of My Quaint Traditions

Ashley believes that we’ve been treating digestive upset and pain all wrong. To truly live free from digestive woes, we need to get to the root cause and heal from the inside out. She has worked as a health coach and gut health specialist for 4 years and has seen women go from pain and confusion to vibrant and healthy. These life-changing shifts have the power to change perspective, making life oh so sweet once again.

Ashley loves helping women find their digestive and hormonal rhythms. Using food as medicine, she focuses on adding in healing, nourishing foods, and removing what causes inflammation and damage to the digestive system. Helping to create a connection to your body so you can slow down listen to the signs and signals sent daily.

When women are living pain and confusion-free they’re able to focus on what really matters to them. What lights them up and brings them joy. Ashley’s goal is to move away from the ‘normal’ symptoms and test results mindset so that women can live extraordinary lives.