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FAQ - Awaken Herbs


What’s included in my Awaken CSA share?

  • Fresh, lovingly grown or tended herbs (see our CSA page for details)
  • PDF or link to an Awaken page of information about each herb and how to connect with them
  • Discount on bulk herbs (10%)
  • Farm & medicine garden tour
  • Some weeks we’ll add in some fun extras! 

Which herbs can we expect to receive?

CSA members will get access to a wider variety than u-pick customers, as those herbs that we have a limited amount of will go to CSA shares first. Most of our herbs are cultivated, and a small number will be wild-harvested here on the land we steward. 


Some herbs who *may* be included:

🌿 June: Alfalfa, Anise Hyssop (leaf), Arnica (flower), Catnip (leaf), Comfrey, Hyssop, Oregano, Red Clover, Red Raspberry (leaf), Sea Buckthorn (leaf), St. John’s Wort, Thyme, Wormwood, Yarrow

🌸July/August: Anise Hyssop (flowers), Arnica (flowers), Aronia (berries), Blue Vervain, Calendula, California Poppy, Chamomile, Feverfew, Fireweed, Goldenrod, Hops (new!), Lemon Balm, Marshmallow (flower & leaf), Milky Oats, Motherwort, Oatstraw, Peppermint, Skullcap, Spearmint, Spilanthes, Sweet Annie, Tulsi

🥕October: Ashwagandha (root), Elecampane (root), Marshmallow (root)


* we’re probably forgetting someone in this list!

* depending on availability and how the season unfolds for each plant!

When are CSA pick-ups?

Winnipeg – Tuesdays at Northlore – 75 Albert Street in the Exchange District of Winnipeg.

Farm – Reach out to make a plan.

What happens if I don’t pick up my share?

You are welcome to send someone else to pick up your share. If you miss a pick-up and come get it at the farm by the following day, it’s yours. Shares that don’t get picked up by then will be donated. We cannot guarantee the same quality for shares that are picked up next day. There are no refunds for shares that do not get picked up.

What if I no longer want to receive my share?

If you decide you no longer want to participate in the CSA, you are welcome to choose a friend or family member to transfer your share to, and they can pick up where you left off. Any payment will be between the new share-holder and yourself. If you don’t have someone to transfer to, we can look into donating your share.

How will I receive my herbs?

Shares will be transferred in a mix of pails (with water to keep herbs fresh), clamshells (sterilized & re-used), paper bags, etc. Some items will be returned to us for re-use. Please bring a rubbermaid bin or box to the pick-up to transport your herbs home. Having a canning jar with water on hand can also be helpful!

How much is 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb of fresh herbs?

The amounts of herbs each CSA season will shift depending on the weather, pest and disease pressure, and other factors out of our control. However, we aim to provide as much as we can based on the guidelines in the CSA listing.

1 lb looks roughly like a large/family sized greens/spinach clamshell.

1/2 lb is, well, half of the above, or a regular sized greens container. It may also look like a good-sized bouquet, as shown below in the photo of 1/2 lb of fresh Anise Hyssop.

1/4 lb is, again, half of the above, and is shown below in the photo of chive flowers.

Remember that the volume of the same weight of various herbs will be different – they each have their own weight to volume ratio.

What if I don’t know what to do with the herbs?

  • We will be sharing some ideas with you and have a facebook group where you can also inspire each other
  • There is a wealth of information online and in some fantastic herbal books!
  • If you know you won’t be able to use up your fresh herbs, you can
    • Share them!
    • Dry them – in a dehydrator; on trays; or hanging. If stored well, they should retain their colour, flavour and aroma for quite some time. 
  • If you’re new to medicinal herbs, we suggest you dip your toes in with a POSY MOON share – a fresh herbal posy with just enough herbs to test the waters! 

What’s the difference between a full share and a half share?

A half share includes half the herbs, by weight, of a full share, plus all the perks. 

Is joining the CSA the only way to get fresh herbs from Awaken?

No! We offer u-pick harvest days many Saturdays in late June, July, and August, as well as bulk herb sales for those who require higher volumes.

Are your herbs certified Organic?

No, Awaken Herb Farm is not certified organic. That said, we grow with the health of our children, the health of ourselves, your health, and the health of the land and creatures in mind. We do not use any industrial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides anywhere on the farm. We aim to create good soil ecology by practicing no-till in our permanent, raised beds; adding good quality compost; fertilizing with seaweed-based fertilizer; practicing crop rotation to manage pests & disease; mulching where applicable; utilizing cover crops and green manures; and incorporating biodynamic practices. Probably most important of all of this, however, is our commitment to keep learning and adapting, and to listen to the land and the plants – we want to give back to them as much as they give to us.

How can I reach you if I have questions, concerns, can’t pick up my herbs, or have a testimonial to share?

Please email us at – please do not send these notes via Instagram or any other messaging service, to ensure we don’t miss them. Thanks!

What options are there for payment for my CSA share?

You can pay cash or e-transfer. We will reach out to find out your preference.

When is payment due?

Full payment is due when you register, to reserve your spot.

What if the cost of the CSA share is a hardship for me?

We understand that the investment will be a hardship for some, a sacrifice for others, and manageable or simple for others as well.  It is important to us that these herbs be accessible to many. For this reason, we offer a sliding scale. Please see our Community Care page for info on the difference between hardship and sacrifice, and to see our sliding scale and reparations payment options. 

I'd like to pay more to support the herb farm project!

Well, shucks, thank you! We do have a sliding scale option to pay beyond regular price, to support the farm — and those for whom regular price is a hardship. Find more info on our Community Care page. 

On the Farm

Where should I park?

We will send you a map of the farm, with the parking area clearly marked. 

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed on the farm, sorry! 

Can I bring my children?

Children are welcome. Please note that this is a farm, not a park, and there are areas of risk – ponds, marshes, animals, stinging nettle, poison ivy, bees, wasps, farm equipment, etc. Please ensure children are supervised and with the adult they came with at all times. 

How accessible is the farm?

The farm is quite flat, so fairly accessible for walking and perhaps wheelchairs. However, we can’t speak to whether it would be accessible for all wheelchairs or not – this is likely individual dependent. Unfortunately, at this time, our on-site composting toilets are not wheelchair accessible. If a drop-off right at the garden gate would help make a visit more approachable, please reach out to let us know. If you have any questions about your visit, we are happy to provide as much insight as we can, and to adapt where possible. 

Can I volunteer at the herb farm?

We’d be delighted to have your help in the gardens. There is always weeding, tidying, harvesting, and other work to be done. Reach out to let us know which tasks would work for you, and we can see if there is a time that works for everyone. Another option is to come at the start of a u-pick day and help out before you harvest.

Will there be workshops and other events at the farm this year?

Yes! We’ll be hosting workshops, tours, and other events. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date on Instagram.